Chairperson's Message

On behalf of the Armenian Relief Society of Western USA, I welcome you to explore our organization’s website featuring its far-reaching programs and activities, aimed at advancing the welfare of individuals and communities in need both locally and abroad. The wealth of information contained in this site offers readers a glance into the all-encompassing services our region offers and supports, ranging from local educational, cultural, social, and mental health services to the provision of aid and relief efforts aimed at alleviating the struggles of communities in distress across the globe.

The ARS of Western USA strives to forge ahead the humanitarian work of our predecessors. With chapters spanning across the Western United States and a dedicated membership base, we uphold a common vision to advance projects that meet the ever-changing needs of societies and ease the challenges faced by vulnerable populations.

In the spirit of unity, we invite you to learn, join and support our efforts and help increase our capacity to serve and to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Rebecca Berberian