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The Armenian Relief Society of Western USA expresses its sincere sympathies to the crisis resulting from Hurricane Harvey, which struck the state of Texas and the city of Houston in particular. This natural disaster has caused the displacement of tens of thousands of individuals and families. As a result of the flooding, residents have been trapped in their residences and face imminent dangers.

Volunteer rescue teams have worked astoundingly to save countless families, senior citizens, children and youth.

Our community cannot remain indifferent to this calamity. After the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, it shook our people and nation to its core, yet humanitarian relief efforts from around the world extended assistance to our people to help alleviate the effects of the terrible disaster. To our compatriots, it is now our turn to offer any moral and financial assistance to the victims in Texas.

The ARS Regional Executive has initiated a fundraising campaign to offer assistance to the flood-ravaged state. We call upon our local community to make a contribution, in any amount, toward this fundraising effort.