ARS-WUSA Participating in Centennial Concluding Events with ARS Regions Worldwide

armenia, armenian relief society, non profit, non profit organization, los angeles,As part of the ARS Centennial celebration events, 60 individuals have joined the ARS of Western USA region to participate in the October 2nd to October 23rd trip to Syria, Armenia, and Artsakh organized by the ARS-WUSA Regional Executive in cooperation with the Central Executive, and Syria, Armenia and Artsakh entities.

The 21 day trip will offer a pilgrimage to Der Zor, guided tours of Damascus and Aleppo, as well as attractions in Armenia and Artsakh, where the ARS Centennial events will conclude.

While in Armenia, ARS members will participate in the nutritional program “Bnag me geragour” (Plate of Food) by sponsoring meals prepared and served at children’s group homes. The Western Region has taken sponsorship of 1,011 children as part of this special undertaking.

The region’s 26 chapters, the Regional Executive Board, as well as families and individuals are also sponsoring a total of 43 trees for the Tree Planting project, which is dedicated to the ARS Centennial. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the two “Sosse” Kindergartens the ARS-WUSA sponsors in Ashan and Aganapert.

ARS programs are made possible by the generous support of individuals and corporations, intent on improving lives and helping to educate the next generation. Other than celebrating the ARS Centennial, the trips participants will help provide eyewitness account of their assistance reaching those in need.

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