ARS-WUSA Transferring $50,000 for Earthquake Relief for Syrian Armenians

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Western USA, Regional Executive Board announces that it is immediately transferring $50,000 to support earthquake relief efforts in the aftermath of the catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Northern Syria and bordering areas during the early morning hours of February 6, 2023.

Through the channels of the ARS Central Executive, funds will benefit emergency response efforts for the Syrian Armenian community, which is facing devastating consequences from this calamity, including loss of life, mass injuries, structural damages, and more. The Armenian Relief Cross of Syria has already mobilized into action on the ground by providing food, shelter, and other disaster response efforts.

The ARS Regional Executive Board issues an urgent call to action to communities throughout the Western Region to support our compatriots in Syria. Donations can be made by visiting www.arswestusa.org or mailing a check payable to ARS to the ARS Regional Headquarters, 517 W. Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202.

For years, the Syrian-Armenian community has been engulfed in civil war, strife, as well as economic crisis, and this natural disaster only compounds their myriad of challenges and difficulties.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian service, the Armenian Relief Society’s mission entails administering assistance in the events of natural disasters and given the heavy toll and losses faced by Armenians in Syria, we stand in complete solidarity to lend a helping hand while guided by our motto, “With The People, For The People.”

For additional information, please contact the ARS Regional Headquarters at (818) 500-1343 or office@arswestusa.org.