• Social Services

    The first ARS Social Services office opened in 1979. The main office in Glendale and its auxiliary centers in North Hollywood, Hollywood, and Pasadena provide comprehensive social services to local individuals and families in need. Social Services staff participate in on-going meetings with public agencies, as well as other social service providers, in order to collaborate and better determine the changing needs of the community. Staff is multilingual and all services are offered in a linguistically and culturally competent manner. Programs are offered through federal, county, city, and local grants, private foundations and individuals. These include the City of Glendale, City of Burbank, County of Los Angeles, Pasadena Assistance Fund, Pasadena Community Foundation, and more.
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  • Armenia/Artsakh

    Supporters have funded and continue to fund new births at the center at $150 per newborn. Seventy percent of the sponsored orphans by the ARS-WUSA resided in the following towns in decreasing order: Hadroud (the most); Askaran; Mardouni; Martakert; Stepanakert; Shoushi; and Yerevan. Initially, the sponsorship for the Sponsor-A-Child program was $120 per year. The ARS 68th International Convention, held in Montreal, Canada, raised the sponsorship to $200, to account for the cost of living increase in Armenia and Artsakh.
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  • Merit Recognition of High School Graduating Seniors

    Educating the youth continues to be one of the primary objectives of the ARS. Along with operating Saturday or one-day schools, providing assistance to Armenian day schools and higher institutions, the ARS continues to assist needy day-school, college or university students with scholarships. The amount of the available funding depends on the interest earnings of the past year or donations received for that purpose. In addition to the awards noted below, the ARS WUSA members and sponsors contribute to provide awards to needy or orphaned college students in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk.
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