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Check out the reopening for the academic year 2019-2020 Listing_Re-Opening_of_ARS_Schools_-_2019-2020_English. ARS Chapters operate one-day schools usually held on Fridays or Saturdays. These schools teach reading, writing and speaking the Armenian language, along with Armenian history and culture. The programs may include music and dance classes, in addition to incorporating art into the curriculum. At most schools, registration continues following the initial registration period. ARS Saturday Schools utilize textbooks, workbooks and guidebooks for Western and Eastern Armenian published by the Western Prelacy Board of Regents. These textbooks are provided to the students by the schools. Teachers are invited to attend in-service training with other Prelacy School teachers, and additional opportunities to enhance their knowledge with other ARS teachers. Whenever feasible, ARS Saturday Schools participate in regional educational activities such as group educational programs, talent shows, drawing contests, and quiz bowls.