ARS Soseh Kindergartens

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The kindergartens are named after “Sosseh” Mayrig, a much loved-heroine of the Armenian people. Sosseh Vartanian was born in 1869 village of Teghout on the slopes of Mount Nemrut. She became famous for fighting alongside her husband “Serop Aghpuir”. Neither of her two sons survived the Armenian Genocide. She passed away on February 9, 1953 in Alexandria, Egypt, but her remains were moved to Armenia in 1998 to the “Yeraploor” Cemetery. ARS Sosseh Kindergartens operate in Artsakh (Karabagh) and Boulgaria. The first kindergarten was set up in Stepanagert (Artsakh) to allow the young widows of the liberation movement to make a living, while their children are provided good nutrition and education. The kindergartens continue to provide jobs to mothers as teachers and assistants.The ARS-WUSA sponsors provided funding to renovate two ARS Sosseh Kindergartens in the villages of Aganapert and Ashan in Artsakh. Sponsors continue to fund the operational expenses for the schools. In 2004, over 500 students at 11 “Sosseh” Kindergartens were provided with two (2) sets of uniforms, along with new plates and utensils at their schools. The region continues to send educational toys, slippers for indoor use and boots to get to the schools, and new uniforms each year to the kindergartens. Whenever ARS members visit Armenia, they pay their respects at the “Yeraploor” Cemetery to Sosseh Mayrig, and visit one or more of the ARS Sosseh Kindergartens.