Donate to ARS Support for Artsakh

32cf2b18bc061b77e56b5783aff01222_xsIn light of the recent escalation of violence in Artsakh, the Armenian Relief Society of Western USA has joined in the fundraising campaign initiated by the ARS Central Executive Board to support our compatriots. Online donations can be made at and checks payable to the Armenian Relief Society can be mailed to the ARS Regional Headquarters at 517 West Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202.

The Armenian Relief Society issued a statement over the weekend of April 2, 2016 condemning the aggressive attacks in Artsakh, which resulted in the deaths of Armenian civilians and soldiers. While the people of Artsakh remain resilient, there is a dire need to offer immediate assistance.

The ARS Regional Executive Board appeals to the community to join in this cause and fulfill collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with Artsakh.

The ARS Regional Headquarters can be contacted at (818) 500-1343 or [email protected]

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