Hamaspure Chapter

Service Area: Salt Lake City, Utah

Last Hamaspure Chapter Executive

Garine Bekearian, Chairperson
Ohannes Megerdichian, Vice Chairperson
Sona Avedikian, Secretary
Houry Megerdichian, Treasurer
Yervant Aksay, Recording Secretary











Chapter History
The ARS Hamaspure Chapter was established in 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The leading member during the early years was Asdghig Shahinian, whose loss in the year 2000 was devastating to the chapter. Per her husband’s, Alber Shahinian’s wishes, a scholarship has been established in her memory and is issued by the ARS of Western U.S.A., Regional Executive.

The chapter held Friday night socials, when members cooked dinner strengthening friendship and comradery, and community members socialized. The chapter was attentive to the community needs.

For some years, the chapter operated the Ararat Armenian School, which held classes on Tuesday nights.

The chapter held dinners for senior citizens on Tuesday nights, as a way of letting the elderly know how much they are appreciated and loved. The chapter members donated turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which were delivered to the local homeless shelters and the Catholic Community Centers.

The chapter members were proud that the Millcreek Township in Salt Lake City has a street called Ararat Street.

The chapter hosted the ARS of Western U.S.A., 78th Annual Regional Convention held July 9 to 12, 1998, in Salt Lake City.

The chapter became inactive in February 2014.

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