Reedley-Dinuba Chapter

The Reedley-Dinuba Chapter was established in 1917. Reedley is located 25 miles south-east of Fresno, in Fresno County; while Dinuba is located 7 miles south-east of Reedley, in Tulare County, California. The chapter was initially called White Oaks-Reedley, but the Armenians left White Oaks and so did the ARS members.

Zarouhi Aslanian was the lead to establish the chapter with the support of her husband Kasbar Aslanian, and sister-in-law Baydzar Aslanian. They were joined by Armenouhi H. Aslanian, Eliza Hagopian, and Vartiter Garabedian. During the oath ceremony, Kasbar Aslanian was the godfather.

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The first chapter executive members were the following:

  • Baydzar Aslanian, Chairperson
  • Armenouni Aslanian, Secretary
  • Eliza Hagopian, Treasurer

The chapter held fundraising events and sent the proceeds to fund ARS programs. The chapter was particularly vital when Maritsa Sadoyan moved to the area and joined the chapter.

The chapter held two major events each year. The chapter participated with a booth at the Dinuba Raisin Day Festival, which was held in September. The chapter sold Armenian food to the local crowd of Armenians and non-Armenians. In the evening, on the same day of the festival, the chapter would hold a dinner-dance. The events were co-sponsored by the ARF Fresno Committee.

As the membership aged, the last four members were Maritsa Sadoyan, Mariam Bedrosian, Payloon Chitjian and Siroon Hovhannesian. They continued to hold on to the chapter with great willpower. When only Payloon Chitjian (Chairperson) and Siroon Hovhannessian (Treasurer) were left, it was decided to dissolve the chapter in 1988.

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