Sosse-Fowler Chapter

The ARS Fowler “Sosse” Chapter was founded in 1934. The members were from Kingsburg, Selma and Fowler.

The chapter did not have a place to meet. Each member would take a turn in hosting the meeting at their home. The meetings were held at night, since the members did farming during the day.

armenia, armenian relief society, non profit, non profit organization, los angeles,The chapter held an annual fundraiser “Hantes” with dinner, followed by Armenian dancing at the Markarian Hall in Fowler. The dinner menu was always chicken, pilaf, vegetables, salad and dessert, usually cake for lighting candles. Lillian Avedikian Lewis wrote that, “Everyone looked forward to this “Hantes” festivity each year”.

To have this dinner, members drove to the homes of Armenian farmers in their own areas and asked for donations of chicken or monetary donations. The chickens mostly ended up at Servart Condoian’s house. Members would then help pluck the chickens. Once completed, everything was taken to the Markarian Hall in Fowler.

As time went by and some of the members moved, and others passed away, the remaining members began to have luncheon meeting in the homes of members. This continued until Servard Condoian passed away. At the time, Helen Petrosian and Lilian Avedikian Lewis, joined the “Mayr” Fresno Chapter. Lewis was the last chairperson of the chapter, who served from 1991-1997.

During the fiscal year 1997-1998, the Regional Executive agreed to close the chapter, since most of the members had passed away and the remaining members had transferred to another chapter.

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