Sossie Poladian’s Welcoming Remarks to the “Armenia” Sailboat Crew From Yerevan, Armenia

armenia, armenian relief society, non profit, non profit organization, los angeles,The following speech was delivered by Sossie Poladian, Armenian Relief Society of Western USA, Regional Executive Board Chairperson, in Armenian to the gathering welcoming the “Armenia” sailboat crew from Yerevan, Armenia on August 28, 2009:

“Our guests today are very special because they are not sailors who travel to conduct commerce; rather they set on the seas in order to connect the Armenian Diasporas and help preserve the Armenian culture.

For the last three months, Zori Balayan, Samuel Garabedian and the other “Armenia” sailboat crew members have sailed around the Diaspora sea ports and have demonstrated their characteristics based on teamwork, mental abilities, strength, power and determination.

Next year, the Armenian Relief Society will celebrate its centenary. Let us focus our minds and strengths to demonstrate that we are the worthy successors of those who founded our organization nearly a century ago, the same way the sailors of the “Armenia” sailboat have demonstrated that they are worthy successors of the Cilicia sailors.

If the great poet Siamanto was with us today, and glorified Mesrob Mashdots (the inventor of the Armenian Alphabet) for the “Armenia” crew, instead of just writing,

“And allow today, O Mesrob

That from Armenian soil stretching to the stars

I will ascend your golden staircase,”

Instead, he would have added: “…and from wave to wave, from port to port, and from one Diaspora community to another”, before he continued…

“Like a child of your thought,

I will come to you, singing this song of mine . . .”


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