An international, non-profit organization dedicated to offering education, social services, family services, culture and humanitarian aid to those in need. The ARS serves the social, health and welfare needs of the community; promotes the Armenian language and culture; provides financial assistance to students; assists victims of natural disasters and wars; fosters the spirit of good fellowship among ARS members and community; and advocates human rights and social change in civil society.


• To promote the educational, social, health and welfare of communities;

• To encourage and advocate human rights and social change in civil society as a non-governmental organization;

• To promote the education and perpetuation of Armenian culture to children, youth, and members;

• To enhance the education of the Society’s members and encourage their involvement in public service;

• To make special appropriations for food, medicine, and clothing in the event of natural disasters, war, or epidemics, and to aid the disabled and the ill.


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As an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian organization serving the social and educational needs of communities, our goal is to provide humanitarian assistance on a local and international scale – to Armenians and non-Armenians alike. We accomplish this goal through our various programs, which play a pivotal role in supporting schools, sponsoring orphans, coming to the aid of countless needy families, as well as mobilizing members to provide disaster relief efforts.


The present headquarters of the Armenian Relief Society, Inc. is 80 Bigelow Avenue, Watertown, Massachusetts 02172. The headquarters of the Armenian Relief Society of Western USA, Inc. is 517 W. Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202. The ARS of Western USA region consists of over 1,200 members belonging to 26 chapters throughout California, as well as in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.


The Armenian Relief Society operates under the leadership of the ARS Central Executive. Each region, including the ARS of Western USA, consists of its own volunteer Regional Executive Board.

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