ARS Regional Executive Holds Informational Session Regarding 73rd International Convention and Artsakh Relief Efforts

Members of the ARS of Western USA gathered at the ARS Regional Headquarters on November 9, 2023 for an informational session by the ARS Regional Executive Board. Chairperson Vicky Marashlian provided a briefing regarding the 73rd International Convention in Armenia held on October 16-20, 2023, as well as the region’s work to aid forcibly displaced Artsakh families. Also in attendance were ARS Central Executive members from the region, including Arousyak Melkonian, Annie Kechichian, and Zharmen Mirzakhanyan. ARS CE Chairperson Arousyak Melkonian discussed the pressing needs of Artsakh families, the vital role of the ARS, as well as relief programs aimed at meeting their needs.