Donors and Employers United to Double Impact for ARS-WUSA

The Armenian Relief Society of Western USA extends heartfelt appreciation to its generous donors, who participate in employer matching programs, effectively doubling the impact of their contributions to our organization’s humanitarian mission.

Recently, the ARS of Western USA has seen an increase from young professionals and individuals from our community, supported by their employers, that have come together to amplify their support to charitable causes through the region. Through these employer matching contributions, donors have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to making a lasting difference for various programs.

Major donors include Vache Shirikian and Talar Boyadjian, alongside many others, who have made matching contributions from companies throughout the years. The region is part of the nonprofit partners of Benevity, which provides a platform for corporate giving programs.

“We are greatly appreciative for the individuals, who have not only opened their hearts to support our causes but have also taken the extra step to participate in employer matching programs. The collaboration between donors and their employers is a powerful example of uniting together to create positive change and fostering community engagement,” stated Vicky Marashlian, ARS Regional Executive Board Chairperson.

For more information and ways to get involved, contact the ARS Regional Headquarters at (818) 500-1343 or