Ani Tateos Bostanian


Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Ani Bostanian joined local Armenian organizations at a very young age. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the Al-Mustansyriah University in Baghdad, Iraq.  She moved to Lebanon in 1994 and taught English and folklore dances at Yeghishe Manoukian School until 2000, after which she resided for the next 10 years in Yerevan, Armenia where she taught English Language and Literature at Gladzor University. She joined the ARS in Yerevan in 2008. Bostanian migrated to the United States in 2010. She received an MBA in 2011 from the University of Phoenix. She was a founding member of the ARS N. San Fernando Valley Lori chapter and has served as a treasurer of the chapter. She served as the Secretary of the ARS Regional Executive Board (2015-2017) and currently serves as the Vice-Chairperson. She works as a manager at a finance company and lives in Chatsworth with her parents and son.

My Vision

To see humanity working as one body regardless of race, color, sex or age. To empower everyone with their inner abilities to reach their optimal opportunities and capabilities.

My Targets

To unite all Armenian organizations under one unified umbrella to be more productive in leading a nation and to set parallels to work with other humanitarian organizations to serve humanity better.