Maral Touloumian


Maral Touloumian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She has been an active member of Hamazkayin, the Armenian Relief Society, and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation since 1975, where she has held several executive positions throughout the years. She is an experienced planner and specialist in team motivation and in management. She has served on several committees of the ARS, which includes the Regional Executive ARS Centennial Committee, Bylaws Committee, Board of Regents of ARS Schools, and chapter committees of auditing, nominating, educational, scholarship, cultural, and fashion show. She currently works as an Assistant Controller and resides in Los Angeles
with her husband and daughter.

My Vision

My vision is for the Armenian Relief Society to become the most influential organization in the world making an impact globally and in the homeland. It is important for our members to feel empowered to think big, to set unbelievable goals and work to reach and surpass all of our goals. With every program, member, and friend of the ARS, we will be able to change the world.

My Targets

Managing an inter-organizational strategic plan to improve productivity and functioning, empowering members through team building activities to achieve the maximum potential of the organization, and collaborating with other organizations to deliver high quality and sustainable programs for our communities and homeland.